What if every child was taught how to read and write?

171,000,000 Children Out of Poverty...

Lives Saved...

171 million children would be lifted out of poverty if every student left school with basic reading skills.

If all women received a secondary education, the under 5 mortality rate would decrease 49%. That is 2.8 million lives saved annually.


The reality is...

250,000,000 children throughout the world
cannot even read this sentence.


33% of students in developing countries do not learn basic skills
due to a lack of funding.


$129 Billion dollars are lost every year. The cost of 250 Million children not being able to read translates into an estimated yearly loss of US$129 Billion.

Why education?

Education reaches far outside the classroom, affecting all areas of life.

Education Improves Health

If all women completed secondary education, the under-5 mortality rate would fall by 49%, and maternal mortality would decrease by 66%. This would save 2.8 million children’s lives every year, and 190,000 mother's lives.

Education Promotes Gender Equality

Girls who go to school are less likely to marry early or against their will. Education empowers women to make life choices and overcome unequal social barriers.

Education Creates Higher Income

Globally, every year a child completes of primary school increases earnings by 10%. Children who receive an education are also more likely to send their own children to school, breaking down the cycle of poverty.

2,300 textbooks...

What started as just an idea to provide school supplies to underfunded schools, has far exceeded our expectations. This fall, the Christ-Roi Primary School of Cammy, Haiti received over 2,200 textbooks, giving every student the opportunity to have their own textbooks.

This is only the beginning.

Pan aims to provide textbooks throughout the entire world, significantly combatting the problem of childhood illiteracy worldwide.

As we set out to tackle these ambitious goals, we are thankful for the incredible amount of support we have received from individuals around the world. We could not have gotten where we are today without your support. Thank you.





"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime" 


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