Giving Others Education.

While on a service trip to the Dominican Republic to build a school, we had the opportunity to go see the village's current primary school. We were shocked to see an entire classroom sharing just one textbook. We were even more shocked to find out that this is not a problem just in the Dominican Republic, but around the world. In fact, 126 Million children who are in school, lack basic literacy skills. This is largely due to a lack of basic supplies, namely textbooks. We decided to reverse this reality. 

We looked to past models of incorporating business and social consciousness, and decided the most efficient way to have the greatest impact would be to create a business that worked with preexisting charities to provide textbooks to school children in need. We decided to keep it simple. We wouldn't use any complicated formulas or percentages to determine how much we give.

5 textbooks. It's that simple, Pan gives 5 textbooks for every item of clothing sold.

A few months later, on March 8th, 2017, Pan launched on Kickstarter. In just over 30 days, 176 individual came together, raising over $13,000 to make Pan a reality, and providing over 2,300 textbooks to the Christ-Roi Primary School of Cammy, Haiti.

In just a few months, Pan has gone from just two college students with an idea, to a group of individuals, coming together to affect change. Giving Others Education. 

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